Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup Recipe

Ingredients for preparing Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup

  • Chicken: cleaned -  ¼  Kg
  • Chicken: Shredded -  ¼  cup
  • Sweet Corn   -  1  cup
  • Chicken Stock  -   ½  litre
  • Onion: chopped  -  1  no.
  • Soya Sauce  -  1  tbsp
  • Pepper Powder  -  1  tsp
  • Garlic: chopped  -  5  cloves
  • Celery: chopped  -  4  tsp
  • Water   -  ½   litre
  • Corn Flour  -   1  tsp
  • Salt ti taste  -  ½  tsp

Steps to prepare Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup

  1. Cut cleaned chicken into small pieces. To make the chicken stock, boil chicken, chopped onion and garlic for about 20 minutes. And strain it.
  2. Add sweet corn into the chicken stock, stir to combine. Add shredded chicken pieces, soya sauce and chopped celery, mix well.
  3. Mix corn flour in water, add this to the chicken stalk and stir well. Allow it to boil.
  4. Finally add salt and pepper powder, stir well. Chicken and sweet corn Soup is ready.
  5. Serve hot.
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